Friday, September 10, 2010

Hoppy Friday

Happy Friday to you!

My Friday night treat.

Love this beer. I'm definitely not a beer connoisseur, but I've discovered that I really enjoy beer. I'd love to learn more about it! I like medium- to full-bodied, hoppy beers. To me, this Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale has a nice coffee aroma and flavor, a little malt sweetness, and just enough hops to balance it out so that it's not cloyingly sweet.

FYI: A "malty" beer tastes sweet and rich. A "hoppy" beer tastes spicy, pungent, and even a little bitter (in a good way).

Here's another random, lazy dinner for you.

Hummus, cottage cheese, crackers, and veg.

See my computer screen in the background? I've been working on categorizing all of my food photos and putting them into folders. If you can believe it, I've been photographing my food since I started reading food blogs about 3 years ago! Looking through all of my early pictures brought back a lot of memories!

I'm also doing a little background work at Crave and Create. Writing posts in Google Blogger has been taking forever. Last night I had a minor meltdown after I spent an hour editing my post, and the feed was still messed up. I've been hearing great things about Windows LiveWriter and I'm going to try it out. I'm hoping that when all is said and done, it will be faster and easier to write posts, and I'll post more often.

Someone else enjoyed a Friday treat today, too. Say "Hi!" to Grandma Angie. Dad took her to Dairy Queen today and text-messaged me this picture. Grandma's turning 87 years young in December, and this was her first-ever banana split! Dad said, "She loved it. She ate the whole thing!"

Here at Crave and Create, we're all about trying new things, so I thought I'd share. Grandma's actually very tech-savvy, and she reads the blog regularly. Hi, Grandma!



  1. Hey you should check out They provide hosted blogs similar to google blogger but are much much better. I work for a web design company, and we use their software for all our customers who want blogs. If you have any questions, I would be happy to talk with you about it.

  2. Becky:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just set up my account at and I'm already plotting my move. I also tried LiveWriter and I really like it, but there are definitely still some wonky formatting issues (inconsistent spacing after paragraphs and photos, formatting looks different on the blog than in a reader) that are driving me nuts. I'm such a perfectionist--Crave is my baby and I just want it to be beautiful and perfect!

    Thanks for offering to help out, too. I've learned a TON since I started blogging, but most of the time I feel like I'm in over my head when it comes to tech stuff. Let's see how the move goes and then I might take you up on that! :-)